• Source code repository

    Check out the KRWb stable token source code via our Github repository.

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  • SECURITY Audited

    Our smart contract has been independently reviewed by security companies and no errors have been found.

  • KRWb smart contract address

    KRWb is an ERC-20 token and you can review the smart contract at the Ethereum mainnet address 0xf9fd7a89bfb8a07a225080236e5ca570ee2a76a1

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  • KRWb Attestation Reports

    Independent third parties help us maintain transparency and reliability. All attestations published since the launch of KRWb can be viewed below.

    Jan 18th, 2019 Report

    Feb 1st, 2019 Report

    Feb 18th, 2019 Report

    March 21th, 2019 Report

    April 24th, 2019 Report